Under the Padre’s Thumb

cactus-152-201901 Book Two of The Baja Trilogy

Cover of Under the Padre's Thumb novel

Entertaining. Amusing. A great adventure.”

Under the Padre’s Thumb, the second of the Baja Triology, is available in print and Kindle at Amazon.com

A satirical fable that began when world renowned sculptor Centario Cienfuegos is told a secret government agency has cut off the funding for his mega statue of early California missionary Junipero Serra.

To recover his losses, he sells the statue’s 90-foot-long hollow arm to a whacked out survivalist and cafe owner Buster Charmfoot, who installs it on a picturesque cliff overlooking a remote California resort lake.

This triggers a war over public art between the county officials, area bikers, eco-activists, and local Native Americans, whose casino lies beneath the sculpture and who are sensitive to portrayals of the early Spanish in California.

When the media get involved, Clear Lake’s local chaos and class wars become a national concern. Confused lawmakers go down a path that leads to an explosive confrontation.